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Jon Fosse

Published in one volume for the first time, the celebrated Norwegian novelist’s magnum opus, shortlisted for the International Booker Prize. Septology is a transcendent exploration of the human condition, and a radically other reading experience – incantatory, hypnotic and utterly unique.

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Monster Field

Lucy Dougan

The award-winning West Australian poet’s new collection draws on and is alive to the mysterious zone that Surrealist artist Paul Nash called the ‘Monster Field’: the place glimpsed from a car at speed which cannot be found again easily, and which opens up a space between the everyday and the occult as it ‘almost slides past your eyes’.

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Antigone Kefala wins 2022 Patrick White Literary Award

‘I am full of admiration for Patrick White, and for the encouragement he has given to Australian writers. I met him several times and liked him. I am very honoured to receive this prestigious award given in his name, and the recognition it offers, as for a long time my writing has existed outside the major lines of Australian literature.’

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