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An Ordinary Ecstasy

Luke Carman

A new collection of stories by the award-winning author of An Elegant Young Man and Intimate Antipathies. In the seven stories that comprise the work, Carman captures the scale of emotion as it grows in intensity, often comically, from the smallest and most ordinary things.

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In the Roar of the Machine

Zheng Xiaoqiong

Translated by Eleanor Goodman, a collection of some of the most influential poems of Zheng Xiaoqiong, who spent nearly a decade working in the factories and warehouses of southern China, and who speaks to a community which consumes the products of this labour.

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Luke Carman: a note on An Ordinary Ecstasy

‘Captured in the series of stories that make up An Ordinary Ecstasy are the voices of people strange to me, all of them in states of ordinary ecstasy – those moments of everyday intensity which punctuate the general calamity of consciousness.’

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Eleanor Goodman: a note on In the Roar of the Machine

‘Although Zheng has published several books and her work has been enthusiastically received in China and in international poetry circles, her poetry has typically been viewed under a narrow rubric, namely that of “migrant worker poetry” and the “migrant worker poet”. While this is where Zheng’s literary career began, it is only one part of the story of Zheng’s life and work.’

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