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Lisa Gorton

In poems crowded with quotes, events, anecdotes, inventories and fragments of myth, Mirabilia is a work which tests the relationship between art and politics. It is the latest collection from the highly acclaimed Australian poet and novelist, Lisa Gorton. 

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Mortal Divide

George Alexander

A novel which mixes fiction and biography, imagination and memory, Mortal Divide is one of the great works on the relationship between migration and identity in Australian literature. First published in 1997, Giramondo is proud to release the book in a new edition, with illustrations by Peter Lyssiotis.

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Lisa Gorton: a note on Mirabilia

‘These poems are crowded with quotes, events, anecdotes, inventories, and fragments of myth, because I was trying to bring into poetry that heteroglossia (raznorechie, ‘varied-speechedness’) which Mikhail Bakhtin found only in the novel: a clash of different voices, different conceptions of world.’

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George Alexander: a note on Mortal Divide

‘The limited-consensus reality ignores the strangeness of most lives, of the consciousness that lives in us. Who was I then? Who am I really? Am I “George” or “Yiorgos”? Angel or devil? Well, both, of course.’

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