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Alexis Wright

Praiseworthy is an epic set in the north of Australia, told with the richness of language and scale of imagery for which Alexis Wright has become renowned. Her first novel since The Swan Book and Carpentaria, it is a work which pushes allegory and language to its limits, a cry of outrage against oppression and disadvantage, and a fable for the end of days.

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The Drama Student

Autumn Royal

Royal’s new collection explores the staging of the emotional life, drawing its strength from its confrontation with grief and mourning. Her use of the elegiac form offers no answers, only the hope of tearing open conventional understandings of loss and insecurity. As Maria Takolander says: ‘Royal is unafraid to spark light in the darkest of places.’

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The first HEAT of 2023 is out now

HEAT Series 3 Number 7 features poetry and prose by Eda Gunaydin, Gareth Morgan, Zhu Yue, Aleksandra Lun, PiO, Noémi Lefebvre and Andriy Lyubka. Subscribe to HEAT now to receive Number 7 as your first issue, with more adventurous literary writing and art from Australia and around the world to come. Individual copies are also available for purchase from Giramondo and in select bookstores.

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