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How to Be Between

Bastian Fox Phelan

An exploration of youthful anxiety, medical discourse and shifting identities by a writer, musician and zine maker, Bastian Fox Phelan’s memoir shines a light on what it means to find joy, resilience and radical self-acceptance in a body that refuses to fit within gender binaries.

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Late Journals

Antigone Kefala

The last work by Antigone Kefala, Late Journals completes a trilogy in which the author develops and expands her range as a memoirist. The journals give full reign to her imagination, and her ability to express the vitality and strangeness of the life around her.

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Catriona Menzies-Pike: a note on Open Secrets

This book offers portholes into the places where writing happens and portals to the new worlds and ways of living it might create. These essays bear witness to the resilience required to commit to the writing life – and to the vital transformative possibilities of literature, for writers, for readers and our culture.

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Bastian Fox Phelan: a note on How to Be Between

In writing How to Be Between I realised that my story was about much more than hair. It is about claiming an individual identity, and communicating this, but it is also about how we exist in relationship with others, always, and how precious these relationships are. Finding the balance is an ongoing project.

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