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Eunice Andrada

Eunice Andrada is a Filipina poet and teaching artist. Her debut poetry collection Flood Damages won the Anne Elder Award (2018) and was shortlisted in the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards (2019) and the Mary Gilmore Award (2019). Her work has been translated and performed in Tagalog, Hiligaynon, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Czech, while her poems have appeared in local and international journals and anthologies. Her previous works have also won the John Marsden and Hachette Australia Prize (2014) and been shortlisted for the Fair Australia Prize (2018). Featured in The Guardian, ABC News and other media, she has performed her poetry on diverse international stages, from the Sydney Opera House to the UN Climate Negotiations in Paris. Her ecopoetics have been recognised through the NAHR Australian Poetry Fellowship on the theme of water (2018) and the feature of her poetry in a climate change-themed exhibition at the Amundsen-Scott Station in the South Pole of Antarctica.

Andrada’s verse carries us beyond flood, grief, deportation and dictatorship – from visceral oppression into political consciousness.

Michelle Cahill


Flood Damages

Eunice Andrada

80 pages
Paperback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Published May 2018
ISBN 9781925336665

In Flood Damages, Eunice Andrada explores the open wounds of colonial occupation, diaspora and inheritance. Through the figure of a young Filipina-Australian woman whose family has been irreparably damaged by deportation, violence and illness, events both political and personal are felt most keenly in and through the body – ‘your blood sings of the scattered histories/ that left you here’. A poet and performance artist, Andrada combines the passionate intensity of voice, image and rhythms of prayer to affirm the brown female body as a site of vulnerability and power.