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Cold Enough for Snow

108 pages
Paperback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Published February 2022
ISBN 9781925818925

Cold Enough for Snow

Jessica Au

The inaugural winner of The Novel Prize

WINNER: The Readings Prize – New Australian Fiction 2022
SHORTLISTED: The Age Book of the Year Award 2022
SHORTLISTED: Queensland Literary Awards 2022

The inaugural winner of The Novel Prize, a new biennial award established by Giramondo, Fitzcarraldo Editions and New Directions. Cold Enough for Snow was unanimously chosen from over 1500 entries.

Jessica Au’s novel is published by Giramondo, as well as Fitzcarraldo Editions in the UK and New Directions in the US, and will be translated into eighteen languages around the world.

A young woman has arranged a holiday with her mother in Japan. They travel by train, visit galleries and churches chosen for their art and architecture, eat together in small cafés and restaurants and walk along the canals at night, on guard against the autumn rain and the prospect of snow. All the while, they talk, or seem to talk: about the weather, horoscopes, clothes and objects; about the mother’s family in Hong Kong, and the daughter’s own formative experiences. But uncertainties abound. How much is spoken between them, how much is thought but unspoken? Cold Enough for Snow is a reckoning and an elegy: with extraordinary skill, Au creates an enveloping atmosphere that expresses both the tenderness between mother and daughter, and the distance between them.

So calm and clear and deep, I wished it would flow on forever.Helen Garner

Rarely have I been so moved, reading a book: I love the quiet beauty of Cold Enough for Snow and how, within its calm simplicity, Jessica Au camouflages incredible power.Édouard Louis

A beautifully observed book, written in precise, elegant prose that contains a wealth of deep feeling.
Kirkus Reviews

The soft, patient warmth of Au’s prose…sometimes feels attuned to truths just out of the narrator’s reach.
The New Yorker

Hypnotic…Once this probing and surprising text catches hold, it leaves the reader with lingering questions.
Publisher’s Weekly

About the Author

Jessica Au

Jessica Au is a writer based in Melbourne. Her novel, Cold Enough for Snow (2022), is the inaugural winner of The Novel Prize.

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Au’s slim, spectral novel…deftly uses stream of consciousness to explore the legacy of inherited family traits and the difficulty of breaking away.

The New York Times

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Jessica Au: a note on Cold Enough for Snow

Often, for a work to have a sense of ‘aliveness’, writing it has to be just as much a process of discovery for the author as for the reader. While working on Cold Enough for Snow, I suppose I was thinking about several things, and trying to conceive of a form – the simplest possible – where many, or all, could be held to be true at once.

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