An Elegant Young Man

Luke Carman



For a long time Western Sydney has been the political flash-point of the nation, but it has been absent from Australian literature. Luke Carman’s first book of fiction is about to change all that: a collection of monologues and stories which tells it how it is on Australia’s cultural frontier. His young, self-conscious but determined hero navigates his way through the complications of his divorced family, and an often perilous social world, with its Fobs, Lebbos, Greek, Serbs, Grubby Boys and scumbag Aussies, friends and enemies. He loves Whitman and Kerouac, Leonard Cohen and Henry Rollins, is awkward with girls, and has an imaginary friend called Tom. His sensitivity in a tough environment makes life difficult for him – he is anything but an elegant young man. Carman’s style is packed with thought and energy: it captures the voices of the street, and conveys fear and anger, beauty and affection, with a restless intensity.


Print ISBN : 978-1-922146-45-8
Epdf ISBN : 978-1-922146-55-7 
Epub ISBN : 978-1-922146-54-0 
pp : 172
Published : November 2013
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About the Author

Luke Carman self-identifies as an anti-folk monologist working in epi-grammatical short fiction. In 2014, Luke was named a Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Novelist, and his novel An Elegant Young Man won the UTS Glenda Adams New Writing Prize, and was shortlisted for the ALS Gold Medal and the Readings New Writing Award. He hails from the Sydney suburb of Liverpool and his work has haunted the journals HEAT, Westside and Cultural Studies Review.  


NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, Glenda Adams New Writing Prize 2014
An Elegant Young Man has been shortlisted for the ALS Gold Medal and the Readings New Writing Award
Luke Carman was named a Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Novelist in 2014


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