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Felicity Castagna

Felicity Castagna won the 2014 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Young Adult Fiction for her novel, The Incredible Here and Now, which was shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council of Australia and NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, and adapted for the stage by the National Theatre of Parramatta. Her collection of short stories, Small Indiscretions, was named an Australian Book Review Book of the Year. Her most recent novel, No More Boats, was shortlisted for the 2018 Miles Franklin Literary Award, the 2018 Voss Literary Prize and the 2018 NSW Premier’s Literary Multicultural Award.


No More Boats

Felicity Castagna

234 pages
Paperback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Published June 2017
ISBN 9781925336306

It is 2001. Four hundred and thirty-eight refugees sit in a boat called Tampa off the shoreline of Australia, while the TV and radio scream out that the country is being flooded, inundated, overrun by migrants. Antonio Martone, once a migrant himself, has been forced to retire, his wife has moved in with the woman next door, his daughter runs off with strange men, his deadbeat son is hiding in the garden smoking marijuana. Amid his growing paranoia, the ghost of his dead friend shows up and commands him to paint ‘No More Boats’ in giant letters across his front yard. A man and a nation unravel together.

The Incredible Here and Now

Felicity Castagna

200 pages
Paperback, 19.7 x 13 cm
Published September 2013
ISBN 9781922146366

Something terrible happens the summer Michael turns fifteen. But The Incredible Here and Now is not about tragedy. It is about his place, the West, where ‘those who don’t know any better drive through the neighbourhood and lock their car doors’. Michael knows it intimately and lets the reader in: to the unsettled life of his family, the friends who gather in the McDonald’s car park at night, the one girl who will acknowledge he’s alive, the classmates who drool at the Coke factory on their way to school, and the white Pontiac Trans Am that lights up his life like an omen. It is here that he finds an escape from his mother’s growing silence and the absence of his brother Dom, who could charm the whole world with his energy and daring. Michael’s stories are about love and joy and wonder, felt in the company of friends, and the place he lives in.


Felicity Castagna reads from No More Boats.