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224 pages
Paperback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Published July 2023
ISBN 9781922725462


Pip Adam

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A genre-bending new novel from the winner of the Acorn Prize and the author of Nothing to See.

A spaceship called Audition is hurtling through the cosmos. Squashed immobile into its largest room are three giants: Alba, Stanley and Drew. If they talk, the spaceship keeps moving; if they are silent, they resume growing.

Talk they must, and as they do, Alba, Stanley and Drew recover their shared memory of what has been done to their former selves – experiences of imprisonment, violence and misrecognition, of disempowerment and underprivilege.

Pip Adam’s uncategorisable new novel, part science fiction, part social realism, asks what happens when systems of power decide someone takes up too much room – about how we imagine new forms of justice, and how we transcend the bodies and selves we are given. 

SHORTLISTED: Ockham New Zealand Book Awards – Fiction 2024

Pip Adam is one of my favourite authors and Audition is my new favourite book. Hurtling through space and time with three giants who immediately gripped my heart is the place I want to be in literature. A powerful work of social commentary, a bodily exploration and a feat of imagination, all written with Adam’s trademark poise: this is the genre-bending book of the year.
Laura Jean McKay

Every now and then, you are lucky enough to come across a book so inventive, so thrillingly odd, that you struggle to stop thinking about it. Audition did that for me…A profoundly moving journey through ideas of incarceration and isolation. Adam trusts her reader to spot the trail of clues she drops before revealing all, and it makes for an exhilarating time.
Sian Cain, The Guardian

Uncanny and astounding…in parts sci-fi, absurdist, fabulist, social realist…readers may find themselves equal parts unmoored and floored by this thrilling novel. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.
Deborah Crabtree, Books+Publishing

A blend of space opera and social realism, [Audition] is a fine example of Pip Adam’s ingenuity and imagination.
Angelique Kasmara, Aotearoa New Zealand Review of Books

Audacious, inventive and radical…A fearsome intellect underpins Pip’s work, and Audition is threaded with astute psychological insights, but there is also absurdism and humour, erotica and brain candy, and pop culture references aplenty.
Sarah Laing, Newsroom

Adam’s genius is to balance the real and the unreal, holding them side by side so that their reflections glitter and shift…The best fiction makes reality mutable, makes the unthinkable possible. Adam has that power, and Audition brings that gift.
Jennifer Mills, Australian Book Review

Extraordinary…Adam expertly and surreally explores colonisation, power structures, free will and the consequences of taking up too much space. This is an astonishing novel by a brave and inventive author.
Danielle Bagnato, The Big Issue

About the Author

Pip Adam

Pip Adam is the author of three novels: Nothing to See, The New Animals, which won the Acorn Foundation Prize for Fiction, and I’m Working on a Building, as well as the short story collection Everything We Hoped For, which won the NZSA Hubert Church Best First Book Award for Fiction.

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Thrillingly odd…A profoundly moving journey through ideas of incarceration and isolation.

Guardian Australia


SHORTLISTED: Ockham New Zealand Book Awards – Fiction 2024


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