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Look Who’s Morphing

181 pages
Paperback, 19.7 x 13 cm
Published May 2009
ISBN 9781920882549

Look Who’s Morphing

Tom Cho

Look Who’s Morphing is a collection of bizarre, funny, often menacing fictions in which, along with his extended family, the central character undergoes a series of transformations, shape-shifting through figures drawn from film and television, music clips and video games, porn flicks and comics. He is Godzilla, a Muppet, and Whitney Houston’s bodyguard; the Fonz, a robot, a Ford Bronco 4×4 – and, as a climax, a Gulliver-sized cock rock singer, played upon by an adoring troupe of sexy Lilliputians in short skirts and sailor suits and cheerleader outfits.

Within these fantasies there is a deep intellectual and emotional engagement, a fundamental questioning of the nature of identity, and the way it constructs itself in a world dominated by the images of popular culture.

Tom Cho is a rare and original voice in the Australian literary landscape. His stories are eccentric, witty, deceptive, and immensely pleasurable. I read this book in one sitting and wanted more.Tony Ayers

About the Author

Tom Cho

Influenced by the young adult book series Sweet Valley High, Tom Cho began writing fiction in his mid-teens. His stories have appeared in many publications in Australia and overseas, and he has performed at festivals around the country, including in the award-winning show Hello Kitty, which combined literature with power ballads.

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