I Love Poetry



In I Love Poetry Michael Farrell continues to affirm poetry as a mode of thinking. His poems aspire to both memorability and meaning, and to invoke new Australian realities – ‘the rhyme’s a moral that becomes a fence; a fallen-down fence is a joy forever.’ The tone is playful and ironic, more under the skin of the mind than in its face. Poems like ‘Into a Bar’, in which Blue Poles and INXS entertain themselves with digital prune juice and a video burger, or ‘Cate Blanchett and the Dif cult Poem’, with the actor and Waleed Aly, add new dimensions to Australian icons. ‘Great Poet Snowdome’ is a story of kitsch involving Sydney and a pope – a recurring gure in the book, since he reappears as Pope Pinocchio, alongside the Professor of Milk and Sugar. There’s a Mad Max riff (‘Put Your Helmet On’); a One Direction revision (‘Drag Me Down’); and new appreciations of lyrebirds, kangaroos and chocolate frogs. There is Sid Vicious and there are lamingtons. There is everything that loves poetry: Weetbix, Iron Maiden T-shirts, motorbikes, and you.


ISBN : 978-1-925336-55-9
pp : 96
1 November 2017

Michael Farrell was born in Bombala, NSW and has lived in Melbourne since 1990. Since leaving office work behind, he has published several books and chapbooks, including Cocky’s Joy, shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Award for Poetry, and Open Sesame, shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Award for Poetry. He was the winner of the 2012 Peter Porter Poetry Prize. Michael has also published a scholarly book, Writing Australian Unsettlement: Modes of Poetic Invention 1796–1945, revised from his PhD. He edits a small poetry magazine, Flash Cove, and co-wrote the Dick Diver single ‘Waste the Alphabet’.