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Paradise Estate

288 pages
Paperback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Published October 2023
ISBN 9781922725844

Paradise Estate

Max Easton

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The new novel from the author of The Magpie Wing, longlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award.

It’s 2022 and Helen is starting again. Newly single, dogged by grief, adrift in a hostile rental market, she finds a four-bedroom house flanked by apartment blocks that stare into the yard. Despite the lack of privacy, she fills its rooms with an unlikely group of residents looking for communal belonging: zine maker, activist, disaffected artist, part-time rugby league player – each looking to build a future, each haunted by their recent past. But if a rented house in Sydney could ever promise salvation, it would come with a coating of black mould.

Set across the course of a year, against the backdrop of pandemic and war, of climate and housing crises, Paradise Estate documents the struggle against generational confusion and social malaise. When isolation and atomisation are all we’ve been given, what can be built from common ground?

Written with ironic wit and an eye for contemporary events, the follow-up to Max Easton’s acclaimed debut, The Magpie Wing, sets the pessimism of its times against the optimism of the will.

Max Easton is once again uncomfortably perceptive. Paradise Estate acerbically captures the frustrated idealism of leftist sharehouse living, questioning the efficacy of radical politics and art even as it stokes the fires of rebellion. It’s Monkey Grip for the Mark Fisher generation.
Madeleine Gray

Praise for The Magpie Wing:

An original, exceptional novel.
The Guardian

An anxious novel about anxious characters in anxious times. It seeks to register this anxiety in all of its contradictions and complexities, but thankfully does not want to resolve it.
Sydney Review of Books

A moving portrait of a city and region undergoing enormous change, told through the perspectives of three unique, sympathetic and vulnerable characters.

About the Author

Max Easton

Max Easton is a writer from Sydney. His work has appeared in Mess+Noise, The Lifted Brow, Meanjin and Sydney Review of Books. He is the creator of Barely Human, a zine and podcast series exploring underground music’s ties to counterculture and subculture. His first novel, The Magpie Wing, was longlisted for the 2022 Miles Franklin Literary Award. His second work of fiction is Paradise Estate.

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Max Easton: a note on Paradise Estate

‘I tried to take notes and wrap a narrative around all these events, to find parallels by way of allegory, to satirise the process itself as I went, allowing the march of 2022 to dictate the progress of the book. It was much more of an experimental process than I imagined, and it took a lot of work to bring it into some kind of order.’

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