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HEAT 5. Eggplant Dreaming

239 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2003
ISBN 095783117X
ISSN 1326-1460


Ivor Indyk


Harry Williamson

HEAT 5. Eggplant Dreaming



Allen S. Weiss – Carême’s Folly
Gerald Murnane – The Angel’s Son
Marina Warner – Ectoplasm
Eliot Weinberger – Changs and Wrens
Roberto Bolaño – Dance Card
Roslyn Jolly – Henry James & Robert Louis Stevenson
Edwina Preston – Creative Diplomacy
Anthony Macris – On Samuel Beckett
Jeffrey Poacher – On Robert Gray
Gig Ryan – The New Mannerism
Melanie Eastburn – On Guan Wei

Fiction and Drama

Mireille Juchau – White Gifts
David Brooks – The Wall


Joanne Burns, Laurie Duggan, Samuel Wagan Watson, Dîpti Saravanamuttu, Fay Zwicky, Diane Fahey, Judith Beveridge, Jennifer Maiden, Julia Casterton, Paola Bilbrough, Greg McLaren, Robert Gray, Michael Farrell


Guan Wei – Method for Eggplant Cultivation

From the issue


On Guan Wei

HEAT 5. Eggplant Dreaming
Eggplants first appeared in Guan Wei’s work more than a decade ago. They appeal to him for their colour, shape and sheen and because they have an element of danger. According to Guan Wei, eggplants are considered slightly poisonous in China, a liability eliminated by cooking them with garlic. 
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