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Luminous Gerberas

240 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2007
ISBN 9781920882372
ISSN 1326-1460

Luminous Gerberas

HEAT 15. New SeriesEdited by Ivor Indyk


Jess Huon – The Leopard Story

Catherine McNamara – The Coptic Bride


Craig McGregor – Repentance Creek

Marion Halligan – A Family Bible

Conrad Del Villar – The Last Local Heroes

Mireille Juchau – The Bone of my Side, Alive

John Mateer – The Holy Spirit Of Elsewhere

Stephanie Trigg – I’ve Written My Talk

Zoë Sadokierski – Word and image in contemporary fiction

Hugo Bowne-Anderson Thomas – Pynchon and mathematics


Vivienne Shark LeWitt – Comedies & Proverbs


Niobe Syme, Anthony Lawrence, Judy Johnson, Rose Lucas, Tara Mokhtari, Fiona Wright, Lachlan Brown, Michael Farrell, Anna Couani, Derek Motion, Nathan Shepherdson, Sam Byfield, Andrew Slattery