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HEAT 9. Star Dust

255 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2005
ISBN 1920882081
ISSN 1326-1460


Ivor Indyk


Harry Williamson

HEAT 9. Star Dust



Tim Richards – Mother’s Milk
Gillian Mears – The Third Triplet
Lisa Jacobson – The Heart’s Small Hammering
Roberto Bolaño – Cell Mates
Emily Ballou – Work In Progress
John Hughes – Beside
Jen Craig – The Umbrella
Chris Cyrill – Match Day


Evelyn Juers – The Gaze: A Biographical Digression
Catherine Rey – How Do Salamanders Die?
Susan Murphy – Zen and the City
Brendan Ryan – Walk Like a Cow
Jennifer Rutherford – The I, the Eye and the Orifice
Peter Holbrook – Anne Wallace: Painting and Awareness
John Mateer – On the South African Art of Kendall Geers


Laurie Duggan, Ken Bolton, Gig Ryan, Sonja Yelich, Carol Jenkins, Alan Wearne, Bill Manhire, Jane Gibian, Vivian Smith, Lisa Gorton, Emma Lew, Chris Wallace-Crabbe.


Anne Wallace – Morning Glory




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HEAT 9. Star Dust
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