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I Have Never Worn Sunglasses

256 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2002
ISBN 957831137
ISSN 1326-1460

I Have Never Worn Sunglasses

HEAT 3. New SeriesEdited by Ivor Indyk


Gerald Murnane – The Breathing Author

Vivian Smith – The Three Houses of Pablo Neruda

Gustaf Sobin – Venerated Bone, Desecrated Flesh

Margaret Kartomi – The Gamelan Digul

Peter Christiansen – Bohemia’s Godfather

Evelyn Juers – W.

Brian Castro – Blue Max

Gillian Mears – Girandole

Christopher Cyrill – Table of Events

Literary Engagements

Gerard Windsor – His Part in the Casual Comedy

Helen Fulton – R.S. Thomas: The last Modernist

Chris Andrews – The Oulipo Forty Years On

John Jenkins – Provincial to Post Modern: Philip Salom

David McCooey – In: The Rose Boys


Rosemary Dobson, T.A.R. Wallace, M.T.C. Cronin, Geoffrey Lehmann, Mark O’Flynn, Anjum Hasan, Fay Zwicky, Dîpti Saravanamuttu, Geoff Page, Bernard Cohen & Paul Gillen, John Hawke


Laurence Aberhart – Broken Hill Houses