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HEAT 1. Fire & Shadow

254 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2001
ISBN 957831110
ISSN 1326-1460


Ivor Indyk


Harry Williamson

HEAT 1. Fire & Shadow



Beverley Farmer – Mouths of Gold
Gustaf Sobin – Basso Continuo
Alexis Wright – A Kind People
Eva Sallis – The Kangaroo
Louis Nowra – Chihuahuas, Women and Me
Suneeta Peres da Costa – Dreamless
Kerryn Goldsworthy – Almost an Island
David Malouf – The South
Peter Holbrook – Poetry and Sadness
John Dale – On Smoking
Marion Campbell – Goodness Itself
Dorothy Johnston – A Script with No Words
Alexandra Pitsis – The Terrain of his Eternal Amnesia

Literary Engagements

Gig Ryan – On Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Eden Lidelow – An Interview with Susan Sontag
Christopher Pollnitz – Criticism, Biography and Les Murray
Fay Zwicky – On Rosemary Dobson
Andrew Dowling – On Peter Carey


Robert Gray, Antigone Kefala, Judith Beveridge, Anthony Lawrence, John Foulcher, Peter Boyle, Kate Camp, Michael Farrell, Emma Lew, Peter Rose


Noel McKenna – Dog Posters
Jacqueline Rose – Josephine’s Song

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The South

HEAT 1. Fire & Shadow
On a soft, sunlit morning in March 1959, just a few days before my twenty-fifth birthday, I stood at the rails of an Italian liner, the Fairsky, and after a five-weeks sea-voyage that had taken me via Singapore, Colombo, Bombay, Aden and Port Said, saw the Bay of Naples open before me, and utterly familiar in the distance the dark slopes and scooped-out cone of Vesuvius – all just as I had always imaged it, like the breaking of a dream.
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A Script With No Words

HEAT 1. Fire & Shadow
Several years ago, a group of Canberra sex-workers applied to the Australia Council and were granted $6,280 to write a film script. The organization WISE (Workers In Sex Employment) was involved. A local writer ran some workshops, characters were developed, a plot outlined. But the project caused a stir, and resulted in a good deal of bad publicity, most of which used the argument that funding prostitutes to write a film script was a waste of public money.
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HEAT 1. Fire & Shadow
My whole life, I had woken in earnest and with an uncanny conceit about my place in the world. In the world, if people were distinguished by their night and morning sensibilities, I would be a ‘morning person’, by which I mean that I rarely hesitated about the importance of getting out of bed. 
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