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Harper’s Gold

240 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2007
ISBN 9781920882242
ISSN 1326-1460

Harper’s Gold

HEAT 13. New SeriesEdited by Ivor Indyk


Gillian Mears – Alive in Ant and Bee

Mark Rappaport – My life with Catherine Deneuve

Alexis Wright – On writing Carpentaria

Jeffrey Poacher –The strange fictions of Henry Green

Zinovy Zinik – At home abroad

Beverley Farmer – The house on Rebirth Street


Olga Pavlinova Olenich, Alan Wearne, Pam Brown, Peter Rose, Elizabeth Smither, Jan Owen, Petra White, Craig Billingham, Berndt Sellheim, Felicity Plunkett, Dan Disney, Martin Langford, Bonny Cassidy, S.J. Holland-Batt, Dilys Rose, Stephen Edgar


Tim Richards – The Magarshack Translations

Jean Mrozik – Reindeer running

Tony Elias – The immigrant

Mark O’Flynn – White light

Vanessa Berry – Little things

Nasrin Mahoutchi – Delirium


Tom Carment – On site