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HEAT 7. Bedtime Stories

256 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2004
ISBN 1920882022
ISSN 1326-1460

HEAT 7. Bedtime Stories



Joanna Kujawa – Dreaming Havana
Nikki Barrowclough – Graham Greene
Rikki Ducornet – Candles of Ink
Etgar Keret – Three Stories
Sylvie Haisman – The Power to Break Sunlight
Sallie Muirden – The Water-Seller of Seville, 1620
Peter Raftos – Quark
Adam Aitken – Burning the Books

Literary Engagements

Brian Castro – On Thomas Bernhard & W.G. Sebald
Lisa Gorton – Flies and Poems
Sarah Kanowski – Roth and America
Christopher Pollnitz – Australian Verse Novels
Tom Shapcott – Bruce Beaver: A Personal Memory


Bruce Beaver
Sue Stanford
B. R. Dionysius
J. S. Harry
Anthony Lawrence
Bronwyn Lea
Emma Lew
Jennifer Maiden
David Brooks
Geoffrey Lehmann

The World of Neopulp

Carlie Lazar – Water, Bees
Natasha Cho – Dirty Dancing
Alicia Sometimes – the Monster Truck gene
Kate Reeves – The Beatle Wig
Jo Waite – Moment
Adam Ford – Hide and Seek.


Jenny Watson – The Art of the Detail

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