Goad Omen



Goad Omen is Wakeling’s first full-length collection of poems, a vibrant and witty interplay of depths and resurfacings, portraying a world littered with grim foreshadowings and kitschy memorabilia alike. Traversing fable and found object, hearsay and gainsay, intrigue and abstraction, its personas are immersed in natural and urban ‘landscapes of peril’ – whether in Melbourne, Glasgow, Rottnest Island or Japan. His poetry has strong sense of community, and converses with a wide range of poets and writers, while at the same time being keenly aware of the absurd and the extreme. Fuelled by a mad energy, his ‘omens’ are calamitous, intoxicating, ribald, but always tender and surprising at their core.


Print ISBN : 978-1-922146-26-7
pp : 96
March 2013

Corey Wakeling author imageCorey Wakeling lives in Melbourne. He is a PhD candidate and tutor at the University of Melbourne, reviews editor of the magazine Rabbit, and interviews editor of Cordite Poetry Journal.