Aqua Spinach

Luke Beesley



Aqua Spinach rounds out a trilogy of books interested in the affinities between poetry and the visual arts, music and cinema. The poems invoke a playful synaesthesia as they pivot and twist, producing strange and at times absurdist imagery from the ordinary and happenstance. The reader is tipped into humorous, dreamlike scenarios infused with the atmosphere of surrealist cinema – ‘they called him Dylan because he kept a harmonica along his cough’ – each poem a sublime montage that also speaks to the distracted pleasures of contemporary consciousness.

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ISBN : 9781925336955
pp : 96
Published : September 2018


About the Author

Luke Beesley is a poet, artist and musician. In addition to his highly regarded books, which include Jam Sticky Vision and New Works on Paper, his poetry has been published widely in Australia and internationally and has been translated into several languages. He lives in Melbourne.

Photo credit: Lauren Bamford.