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In Memoriam Beverley Farmer

A eulogy delivered by Ivor Indyk at Beverley Farmer’s memorial service at Queenscliff on Sunday 29 April 2018. It is difficult to write a formal eulogy for Beverley Farmer, because she was herself so much a writer of process. Her characters are often portrayed in ‘in-between’ states, in transition – culturally, socially, physically – and she […]

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Nine Giramondo authors to feature at this year’s Sydney Writers’ Festival

Running from 30 April to 6 May at Carriageworks, the program – designed around the theme of ‘power’ by artistic director Michaela McGuire – will include sessions with Alexis Wright, Vanessa Berry, and Fiona Wright in conversation with New Zealand author Ashleigh Young. It will also include a panel discussion featuring Maryam Azam.

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