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Nine Giramondo authors to feature at this year’s Sydney Writers’ Festival

Running from 30 April to 6 May at Carriageworks, the program – designed around the theme of ‘power’ by artistic director Michaela McGuire – will include sessions with Alexis Wright, Vanessa Berry, and Fiona Wright in conversation with New Zealand author Ashleigh Young. It will also include a panel discussion featuring Maryam Azam.

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A note from Alan Wearne on These Things Are Real

Yes, poetry is an elitist pursuit, since not everyone can write it, nor can everyone read and enjoy it. Yet it is still the most democratic, maybe even anarchic of the written/spoken arts. Rarely beholden to any writers centre/book club/festival/market place, we truly can write as we please, and if readers have to meet us some of the way and adjust…so be it.

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