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Alexis Wright titles sold to North America and UK

Giramondo is delighted to announce the following international rights sales for Alexis Wright.

In North America, New Directions will publish Alexis Wright’s forthcoming novel, Praiseworthy, and her bestselling classic, Carpentaria, in 2024. Barbara Epler, President and Publisher, writes:

I stand in awe of Alexis Wright. She washes away the dust on all my everyday notions of what fiction can do. Her voice – with its unique and enormous radiance – is what makes Praiseworthy so splendid and unfathomable. And yet it is also a book so immediate and palpable. The vivacity and utter truth of all her characters; the muchness of her echoes and returns; the untrammeled inner light that shines out of the magic whirl she conjures from weaving history’s shapes and misshapes into an absolutely other cosmology of time; the quixotic quest for the platonic ideal platinum donkey; the yearning for Aboriginal Sovereignty; the sweeping overall power to bend time, landscape, and dimensionality – along with the reader’s mind – it all just knocks me out.

New Directions has long wanted to publish Alexis Wright so it is with special pleasure that we look forward to blowing open new doors in the minds of American readers with both her epic new masterpiece Praiseworthy and her already recognized novel of genius Carpentaria.  

In the United Kingdom, And Other Stories will publish Praiseworthy in 2023 and Wright’s award-winning work of collective memoir, Tracker, in 2025. Tara Tobler, Senior Editor, And Other Stories, writes:

Praiseworthy is extraordinary. It’s a wonder. Page after page of these exploding miraculous sentences. Its satire is eviscerating and moving, its momentum and energy (astonishingly) sustained, and the power of the intelligence behind it practically throbbing. It was immediately clear to us how essential this work is, both in its satire and in its larger arguments about contemporary Indigeneity, about climate change, about interventionist government policy. It’s staggering. It’s brutal. It’s laugh-out-loud funny. Wright has jumped her own bar in terms of energy, experiment, and performance –  nobody can catch her now.  

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