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Towards the End

96 pages
Paperback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Published February 2020
ISBN 9781925818222

Towards the End

Ali Alizadeh

Towards the End presents the contemporary world as broken and dying, a world that is moving irreversibly towards collapse as well as rebirth. The collection begins with the speaker’s disillusion with the ideals of capitalism, and the ironic realisation that happiness and prosperity may no longer be attainable. The middle section of the collection reflects, with dark humour and a controlled anger, on the dysfunction of our socio-political systems and the signs of their disintegration. The final poems in the book imagine a universal humanity beyond the failures of the contemporary world, and prophesy global resistance, rejuvenation and revolution. The collection may be described as a fusion of social satire, gothic dystopia and historical materialism, interwoven with autobiographical reflection.

Alizadeh is wit’s nimble historian, his poetry is a refreshing source of abrasion.Prime Minister’s Award for Poetry shortlist citation

This is political poetry made ‘poetic’ partly by Alizadeh’s awareness that polemic is death to poetry and partly by his exceptional skill with form.Kerryn Goldsworthy, Sydney Morning Herald

About the Author

Ali Alizadeh

Ali Alizadeh’s books include The Last Days of Jeanne d’Arc , the short story collection Transactions, the literary memoir Iran, My Grandfather, which was shortlisted for a NSW Premier’s Literary Award, and three poetry collections, Towards the EndAshes in the Air, shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Award for Poetry, and Eyes in Times of War.

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