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HEAT Series 3 Number 6

112 pages
21 x 14.8 cm
Published December 2022
ISBN 9781922725059
ISSN 1326-1460
Epub 9781922725646
Epdf 9781922725653


Alexandra Christie


Jenny Grigg

HEAT Series 3 Number 6

HEAT Series 3 Number 6, in fuchsia pink, marks our first year back in print. It opens with an essay on the nature of time by Fiona Wright, followed by a meditation on childhood, grief, and freedom by Hanne Ørstavik (trans. Martin Aitken); then, a sequence of poems about bereavement by Zang Di (trans. Eleanor Goodman), insights on fatherhood by Oscar Schwartz, some surprising ceramic post-it notes by artist Kenny Pittock, and a long essay by Amitava Kumar about the ideological shifts across decades in eastern India.


Fiona Wright  To Begin / It Broke  prose
Hanne Ørstavik (trans. Martin Aitken)  Spring Night  prose
Zang Di (trans. Eleanor Goodman)  Four Poems  poetry
Oscar Schwartz  Father Figures  prose
Kenny Pittock  Post-It Notes Found While Working in a Supermarket  art
Amitava Kumar  Dear Editor  prose

Frontispiece by Julian Hooper

From the issue

Dear Editor

HEAT Series 3 Number 6
December 2022
Dear editor, The problem isn’t that the young desire to do wrong but, often, their inability to separate right from wrong. This ability arrives only with a sense of consequences, which is linked to an idea of time. The young cannot imagine a time outside their time.
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Father Figures

HEAT Series 3 Number 6
December 2022
I arrive at the doctor’s office early in the morning. I have forgotten my mask and ask for one at the front desk. Then I take a seat in the waiting room, which looks like a professionally managed Airbnb. Exposed light bulbs and plastic ivy hang from the roof. There is a pink neon sign on the wall that says, in cursive, ‘better together’. 
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