New Works on Paper

Luke Beesley



Throughout New Works on Paper the reader remains curious about where the word, the association, the poem itself, will go next. There is fascination in this continuing interest, surprise, puzzlement, delight and comedy. These effects owe much to the poet’s sketching in of detail and the sharpness of his observations; to the glissando effect evident in his use of language, and the dynamic role played by colour, texture and movement in his writing. The interplay between these elements, not only within each poem, but between them as well, encourages one to think of poetry as process, in a way which allies it to the other arts. Music, painting and film are often invoked in this collection, but it is Beesley’s poetic technique which really explores the continuity and overlap between these different art forms.

‘A master of the cropped prism-like phrase…cinematic, photographic, a divider of scenes into moments that come to life through poetry, they dazzle, vibrate and stay.’
Christopher Barnes

Print ISBN : 978-1-922146-40-3
pp : 64
Published : August 2013

About the Author

Luke Beesley is a poet, artist and musician. In addition to his highly regarded books, which include Jam Sticky Vision and New Works on Paper, his poetry has been published widely in Australia and internationally and has been translated into several languages. He lives in Melbourne.

Photo credit: Lauren Bamford.