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Lionel Fogarty: a note on Harvest Lingo

Acclaimed poet, Indigenous rights activist and Murri man Lionel Fogarty writes on Harvest Lingo (June 2022), his fourteenth collection of poems.

Harvest the world. My next writing is power for inspiration and understanding. With life and eyes to read appreciation to complete a stimulating determination. Harvest lingo has the power to light the dark. Misunderstanding into fresh seeds to flower Indigenous international struggle to some closure. Also gives affection to solution which can treasure knowledgeable people. The work of Harvest Lingo has taken me to write another level, but harmony is active to inspire others as stories are seemly to world words. Cause unity to fight the same adventures. Spoken ultra-modernism needs complement. General justice to overcome injustice. Harvest Lingo coordinates this continent owner, authoritarian at the same meaning entwined existence for liberators. Conversation in these ages are to undo abstractional, neo-colonist written forms, you all will read a heart shows worlds of words, forefront by a mind it advocates its immaturity injustice, who expect me to write and re-write in accordancy to their intervention. To walk, listen in overseas stories, gave and combining anticipation, perpetuated so uniqueness can’t be hidden. Passion has a way with words, harvesting existency. In a global world, Harvest Lingo will give Multicultural clarative fireplaces. We, in me, has sensitive political raising. Now within song, written so our tranquility must travel to all plants. Recitation by readers to these fine works are to be used by young, old, aged, people. Even to mind out of the same sensationalism spaces. Solidarity to be shown in a big word playing world has to have ways out of naivety, jealousy, even value. Then a regional written perfectionism will always be urgent. Harvest Lingo pulses blood for good spirits, amended into higher educated united First nations all over earth. Hybrinating a retrospective in respects gives Harvest Lingo a broadcasting new world order to sparkling, translating, published writes, needs are wanted now. The skills for excellency took a long time, poetry to existency. Let’s suggest that this book will make the price so expensive. Heritage has magical verses because poetry is emotion. Laudable shapes a lingo, but poetry has pohotic and Harvest surrenders its sweet response before you all close the book. 

— Lionel Fogarty

Photo: Marnya Rothe

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