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‘French Open’: a poem by Michael Farrell

The following poem is from Googlecholia, a collection by Michael Farrell published in 2022.

French Open

You can’t see said Chuck Baudelaire your own shoelace
Flowering flowers of New York nearly demonstrating an 
Evil can derive from doing another person’s job for them 
Flowers of evil Yves Montand Alain Delon in the stands 
Angering McEnroe with their intrusive invasive glamour

Cameras of evil with hovering operators inviting violence 
American epidermis sensitive all over in its unlikely eros 
Vulnerability of tennis player juxtaposed with his double 
Cardboard relatively innocent next to plastic grows quieter 
Photographers breathe more uneasily as game progresses

Hostility is my drug my defining structure quips Baudelaire 
When the ref chants baby over and over they’re not quoting 
Flower of evil extraordinaire petunia of evil Justin Bieber 
Bieber in 1984 is no more than a glyph in his father’s thigh 
Gladioli of evil Sofia Loren eating homemade marinara

Forking it up in the sun her glinting shells favouring Lendl 
Climate change feeling it breathing hurricaning on his neck 
Just a breeze it’s not the twenty-first century Johnny not yet 
He says bet you can’t see where the ball will be when game 
Ends with a drop shot

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