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160 pages
Paperback, 19.7 x 13 cm
Published September 2018
ISBN 9781925336771


A Story from the Panoramic DeltaMarcelo Cohen

Translated by Chris Andrews

Winner, Premio de la Crítica

Lerena Dost is a dominant and successful woman until she and her psychoanalyst Suano Botilecue cross an ethical boundary and are disgraced, after their sexual relationship is made known. Both lose everything. Then, a chance encounter with a mysterious woman in an elevator plants a number in Lerena’s mind, which she plays in the lottery and wins. She decides that she will not touch her new fortune until she can reward her benefactor, who turns out to be none other than Dona Munava, the famed leader of a spiritual cult hidden away in the countryside far from the city. Lerena and Suano set out on a road trip to find her, travelling across the Panoramic Delta, a futuristic world strangely like our own, but with its details, its settings, and even its language altered in unexpected ways. The author’s musical and inventive style, brilliantly translated by Chris Andrews, creates a hallucinatory atmosphere, in which the one-time lovers relive their relationship, and confront its consequences.

About the Author & Translator

Marcelo Cohen

Marcelo Cohen (Buenos Aires, 1951) is a widely respected and highly innovative Argentinian novelist, who has invented a distinctively South American kind of speculative fiction. One of the most agile stylists writing in Spanish today, he is also an internationally renowned translator, critic and editor.

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Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews studied at the University of Melbourne and taught there, in the French programme, from 1995 to 2008. He came to the University of Western Sydney in 2009. He has translated books of fiction by Latin American authors, including Roberto Bolaño’s Distant Star, César Aira’s The Musical Brain and Other Stories and Rodrigo Rey Rosa’s Severina.

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Winner of the 2011 Premio de la crítica from Argentina’s Fundación El Libro, recognising the best literary book published in the previous year

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