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96 pages
21 x 14.8 cm
Published July 2024
ISBN 9781923106055


Judith Beveridge

Judith Beveridge’s much-anticipated new collection of poems, the first since her prize-winning Sun Music in 2018.

The poems in Tintinnabulum focus on animals, people, and places, though you could say that the real subject matter is the power of poetry, since the book explores how metaphor, simile, imagery and sound can reveal connections that are imaginative, revelatory and sometimes threatening. Beveridge’s creative use of language is most evident in the section of the book titled ‘Bizarre Bazaar’ – where she plays on lines and titles by Wallace Stevens (a fitting companion), and offers linguistic elaborations on familiar objects, and strange beliefs and customs. Each detail leads to others through association, there is multiplicity everywhere, and movement and energy, and this is as true of the poems which capture the particular features of animals, the transient effects of landscape, or the memories of people and places, as it is of the language-oriented poems.

There is a range of styles, lyrical, dramatic and narrative, which build on the achievements of poems in Beveridge’s previous collections. There is also an emotional range to the poems: some poems are joyous, celebratory, ecstatic – others humorous, elegiac, nostalgic – but the overall feeling is of the joy and richness of language.

Read an extract (first published in HEAT Series 3 Number 8).

Praise for Judith Beveridge:

Judith Beveridge is one of Australia’s truly great and enduring poets.Peter Boyle

Intoxicatingly wild and associative, yet honed and tempered by Beveridge’s singular craftsmanship…offers us the rarest of pleasures: a ‘clear elaborated nectar’ that sings.Sarah Holland-Batt

There are few lyric poets…who write with Beveridge’s skill and power. It is not surprising that Beveridge is so esteemed among her fellow poets and readers.David McCooey, Cordite

Judith Beveridge has been an important voice in Australian poetry from the publication of her first collection…Her powerful ability to pay close attention and to evoke the specificities and the swirl of life about her has led to the production of a poetic oeuvre that speaks profoundly to the experience of being human.Rose Lucas, Plumwood Mountain

About the Author

Judith Beveridge

Judith Beveridge is the author of seven previous collections of poetry, most recently Sun Music: New and Selected Poems, which won the 2019 Prime Minister’s Prize for Poetry. Many of her books have won or been shortlisted for major prizes, and her poems widely studied in schools and universities. She is a recipient of the Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal and the Christopher Brennan Award for lifetime achievement. Her new collection Tintinnabulum will be released in July 2024.

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