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HEAT 15: Out-back

319 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 14.3 cm
Published 2000
ISBN 957831102
ISSN 1326-1460

HEAT 15: Out-back

Edited by Ivor Indyk


Christopher Cyrill – Dusk and the Public

Gillian Mears – In the Heart of the Sky

Pham Thi Hoai – The Toll of the Sea

Mandy Sayer – Leviathan

Anna Couani – The Western Horizon, ch14


Helen Garner – What’s Home Supposed to Be?

Evelyn Juers – An Essay in Gothic

Tom Murray – Trading Stories

Nicholas Jose – The Mungo Excursion

Cassandra Pybus – Mannalargena’s Daughters

David Malouf – Herta Muller’s Collage-Poems

Herta Müller – The Strange Look

Madeleine Byrne – Herta Muller & Richard Wagner

Antigone Kefala – Journal III

John Jenkins & Peter Lyssiotis – Queen Victoria Market

John Dale – The Intimacy of Boxing

David Matthews – Forgetting Beowulf


Dorothy Porter, Jane Williams, Coral Hull, Brendan Ryan, Michael Brennan, Alison Croggon, Paola Bilbrough, Jennifer Harrison, Kapka Kassabova, Frances Atkinson, Andy Quan, Joanne Burns, Jennifer Maiden, J.S. Harry, Kate Middleton, Judith Bishop, Alex Skovron, Eric Beach, Adrian Wiggins, Hugh Tolhurst, Roderic Campbell


Judy Horacek, An Essay on Feathers

Herta Muller, Collage-Poems


Richard Ford talks to Imre Salusinszky & Stephen Mills


Jeffrey Poacher on Bruce Beaver

Dmetri Kakmi on Christos Tsiolkas

Joanne Manning on Amanda Stewart

Martin Duwell on Aitken and Skrzynecki

Peter Skrzynecki on Judith Wright