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Cartoon Ducks

239 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2007
ISBN 9781920882297
ISSN 1326-1460

Cartoon Ducks

HEAT 14. New SeriesEdited by Ivor Indyk


Beth Yahp – Point of No Return

Tom Cho – Pinocchio

Gillian Mears – No More Beyond

Dorothy Johnston – Two Wrecks


Andrew Riemer – In Memory of Elizabeth Jolley

Brian Castro – On Patrick White

Fiona McGregor – Meal Tickets

Evelyn Juers – 1935: As Ripe Fruit Falls

Dmetri Kakmi – Down Came the Chimney

Mark Rappaport – Creature

Barry Hill – John Wolseley’s Mapping into Australia


Judith Beveridge, Kerry Hardie, Jaya Savige, Keith Gillam, Joanne Burns, Gregory O’Brien, Ian C. Smith, Grace Yee, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Maiden, Emily Ballou


Anne Zahalka – Wild Life