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HEAT 14. Cartoon Ducks

239 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2007
ISBN 9781920882297
ISSN 1326-1460


Ivor Indyk


Harry Williamson

HEAT 14. Cartoon Ducks



Beth Yahp – Point of No Return
Tom Cho – Pinocchio
Gillian Mears – No More Beyond
Dorothy Johnston – Two Wrecks


Andrew Riemer – In Memory of Elizabeth Jolley
Brian Castro – On Patrick White
Fiona Kelly McGregor – Meal Tickets
Evelyn Juers – 1935: As Ripe Fruit Falls
Dmetri Kakmi – Down Came the Chimney
Mark Rappaport – Creature
Barry Hill – John Wolseley’s Mapping into Australia


Judith Beveridge, Kerry Hardie, Jaya Savige, Keith Gillam, Joanne Burns, Gregory O’Brien, Ian C. Smith, Grace Yee, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Maiden, Emily Ballou


Anne Zahalka – Wild Life

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Meal Tickets

HEAT 14. Cartoon Ducks
Jola and Mirek are generous, hospitable, and the only remotely bourgeois people we will meet for the entire two months we are in Poland. After a forty-hour journey from Australia, a sumptuous meal and wine, the talk flowed, and I learnt my most enduring lessons about Poland. The Jewish question is vexed. The Polish Pope Jan Paweł II is sacrosanct; by extension the current German Pope Benedict XVI is highly regarded. And, as Mirek said, I have gay friends, but I do not want it rubbed in my face.
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