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Paperback, 22.3 x 14.3 cm
Published 2000
ISSN 1326-1460


Edited by Ivor Indyk

Highlights include Louis Nowra’s short story about a scriptwriter’s search for war heroes in Moscow and David Bennett’s essay on psychoanalysis in Russia, selections from Danish novelist Christina Hesselholdt’s The Principal and Robert Alan Jamieson’s  sequence “Lirik Taels o Lyf bi da Oshin in Sjetlin”, essays on cyberspace and hypertext, perfume, condors, Sebald’s Emigrants and Franco’s Granada.


Grahame Harrison – Survivors

Mark Mordue – Waiting for a Chance

David Bennett – Russia, the Mafia and Psychoanalysis

Allan S. Weiss – Mallarme’s Nose

Robert Rawdon Wilson – In a Condor’s Eye

Dorothy Johnston – In Cyberspace

Hazel Smith – Hypermedia, Migration, Travel

Peter Craven – W.G. Sebald


Louis Nowra – Murdering the Wardrobe

Christina Hesselholdt – 10 Stories from The Principal

Anna Couani – The Western Horizon (chapter 12)


Shani Mootoo, Dipti Saravanamuttu, Cecep Syamsul Hari, Rae Desmond Jones, Sarah Day, Lisa Jacobson, Emily Ballou, Cassie Lewis, John Hawke, Bruce Beaver, Dorothy Hewett, Geoff Page, Emma Lew, Robert Alan Jamieson, Peter Skrzynecki, S.K. Kelen, Adam Aitken


Guan Wei – from Treasure Hunt (1996)

Views And Reviews

Brian Thompson on Cezanne

Simon Petch on Guralnick’s Presley

John Mateer on Antjie Krog

Edward Scheer on performance poetry

Judith Beveridge on NZ poetry

Paola Bilbrough on Burns and Skovron

Drew Crawford on Chelate Compound