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HEAT 24. That’s it, for now…

240 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2010
ISBN 9781920882686
ISSN 1326-1460


Ivor Indyk


Harry Willamson

HEAT 24. That’s it, for now…

That’s it, for now… is likely to be the final issue of HEAT in print form. It opens with Freud and Mahler strolling through the pleasant Dutch town of Leyden in Andrew Riemer’s ‘Four Glimpses of the Zeitgeist’, and closes with the late Peter Porter’s celebration of cats and Brisbane. There are new poems by Robert Gray, Vivian Smith, Lisa Gorton, Peter Boyle, Ali Alizadeh, Kate Fagan, Jennifer Maiden.

Gillian Mears reflects on being photographed lying unclothed under a mirror with a red balloon. Justine Ettler traces the family’s inheritance of gambling and alcoholism to the great grand-uncle who built Wyong racecourse. Andreas Campomar examines the image of Uruguay through the writing of Eduardo Galeano, Amanda Simons interviews Antigone Kefala. Marion Campbell responds to Samuel Beckett in the gloom, Adrian Martin to devastation in the films of Maurice Pialat.

In fiction, new stories by Christopher Cyrill, Carrie Tiffany, Vivienne Stanton, Nicholas Jose, and a preview from Mandy Sayer’s new novel Love in the Years of Lunacy. The featured artist is Jenny Watson and her new series ‘Classic Black’, in full colour.



Ivor Indyk – Editorial
Andrew Riemer – Four Glimpses of the Zeitgeist
Adrian Martin – Devastation
Gillian Mears – Fairy Death
Andreas Campomar – Uruguay Made Me
Justine Ettler – When bad luck might actually be good luck travelling in disguise
Amanda Simons – Antigone Kefala on writing
Marion May Campbell – On Not Seeing Worstward Ho!
Jeffrey Poacher – The Poetry of Peter Porter


Mandy Sayer – Love in the Years of Lunacy
Carrie Tiffany – The Voice Inside of You
Christopher Cyrill – Quarternion
Nicholas Jose – What Love Tells Me
Vivienne Stanton – Susan


Jenny Watson – Classic Black


Robert Gray, Vivian Smith, Pip Smith, Ania Walwicz, Alice Melike Ulgezer, Stuart Cooke, Adam Aitken, Peter Boyle, PiO, Jennifer Maiden, Kate Fagan, joanne burns, Lisa Gorton, Judith Beveridge, Kim Cheng Boey, Antigone Kefala, Alan Wearne, Tricia Dearborn, Ali Alizadeh, Patrick Jones

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