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Guillermo Fadanelli

Guillermo Fadanelli is an award-winning author based in Mexico City. To date he has published nine novels, seven short-story collections, and eight non-fiction works. Fadanelli’s work is highly-regarded both in Mexico itself and by the Spanish-speaking literary community. Lauded as one of the key proponents of Mexican ‘dirty realism’, Fadanelli’s writing is often compared with the low rent tragedies of Raymond Carver and Charles Bukowski.


See You at Breakfast?

Guillermo Fadanelli

Paperback, 17 x 15 cm
Published March 2016

Set in modern-day Mexico City, See You at Breakfast? is the story of four characters, leading lives of quiet desperation, who are thrown together by a despicably violent act. Witty, dark and moving, See You at Breakfast? offers a refreshingly frank take on gender politics, the nature of attraction and the burden of everyday life.