“Buxtehude's Daughter”a new story by David Malouf
Charles WrightNew Poems;
Kevin Hart”On Reading Charles Wright”
John Hughes”Country Towns”
The new china: “Unfair Competition”Sang Ye blows the lid on drugs in Chinese athletics; Ouyang Jianghe”Notes on a Market Economy”

Mountain, Ocean, Plain: Ruth Barcan on “Climbing Mt Kosciusko”, Kurt Brereton on “The Cultural Poetics of Water”, Moya Costello, “White Trash”

Danish Perspectives: Carsten Jensen visits Vietnam, new poetry by Pia Tafdrup

Artists as authors: Ruark Lewis, Peter Tyndall, Tom Carment
New Poetry and Fiction: Judith Beveridge, J.S. Harry, Jill Jones, Sue Bower, Dorothy Hewett, Dorothy Porter, Alison Clark, Peter Boyle, Sue Martin, Rhyll McMasterand ch 5 of Anna Couani's The Western Horizon

Views and reviews: Hemensley on Dickey, Weinberger on Ginsberg, Jaireth on Poetry and Photography, Brooks on Boyle, Plunkett on Ryan and Lew, Biarujia on Taylor and more. . .

HEAT is designed by Harry Williamson (cover) and Toni Hope-Caten (text). It is edited by Ivor Indyk

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