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Paperback, 22.3 x 14.3 cm
Published 1997-98
ISSN 1326-1460


Edited by Ivor Indyk

David Malouf “Buxtehude’s Daughter”

Kevin Hart – “On Reading Charles Wright”

John Hughes – “Country Towns”

The New China

“Unfair Competition” – Sang Ye blows the lid on drugs in Chinese athletics

“Notes on a Market Economy” – Ouyang Jianghe translated by Simon Patten

Mountain, Ocean, Plain

Ruth Barcan – “Climbing Mt Kosciusko”

Kurt Brereton – “The Cultural Poetics of Water”

Moya Costello – “White Trash”

Danish Perspectives

Carsten Jensen visits Vietnam

New poetry by Pia Tafdrup

Artists as Authors

Ruark Lewis – Banalities/Banalitäten

Peter Tyndall – Under the Usual Heading (Two Dreams)

Tom Carment – Stories and Sketches

New Poetry and Fiction

Judith Beveridge, J.S. Harry, Jill Jones, Sue Bower, Dorothy Hewett, Dorothy Porter, Alison Clark, Peter Boyle, Sue Martin, Rhyll McMaster, and chapter 5 of Anna Couani’s The Western Horizon

Views and Reviews

Hemensley on Dickey, Weinberger on Ginsberg, Jaireth on Poetry and Photography, Brooks on Boyle, Plunkett on Ryan and Lew, Jacobs on Jones, Biarujia on Taylor and more.

HEAT is designed by Harry Williamson (cover) and Toni Hope-Caten (text). It is edited by Ivor Indyk.