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HEAT Series 2

Zen and the City

HEAT 9. Star Dust

If you’ve ever gone wandering through the nooks and crannies of a large city, loitering with intent and with all the time in the world, attending to unlikely beauties and the aspects of the marvellous that are hidden in full sight right there in the ordinary – then please read on.

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HEAT 5. Eggplant Dreaming

standing under the ex-wife’s house    concrete pillars covered in / the
hieroglyphics of grubby little hands    pieces of antique chairs hang /
that we had planned to restore together    arm-rests of that old coach,

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The Umbrella

HEAT 9. Star Dust

When she and Didier had first met a few weeks ago, he had been impressed to hear that she was an Australian. ‘La sauvage,’ he had said. ‘So wi-i-ild. L’Australie, c’est la sauvage.’

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Four Poems

HEAT 17. A Dodo Idiom

Four poems – ‘Pied Butcher Bird Flute Solo’, ‘Brush Turkey In the Cold Room’, ‘Death of a Cat’, and ‘Praise and Its Shadow’ – by Robert Adamson, a poet of the Hawkesbury River.

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Project! Project!

HEAT 2. Fitzroy to Freo

The rain was merely a gauze, a softening of the early autumn air, but now and again Ruth saw a young mother dart out from her avidly talking group to bend over her child, to pull up and settle a hood of yellow, scarlet, or cobalt blue.

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