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Paperback, 22.3 x 14.3 cm
Published 1997
ISSN 1326-1460


Ivor Indyk

Cover design

Harry Williamson

Text design

Toni Hope-Catten


In this issue novelist David Foster argues the benefits of castration while Jann Harry sings of Signior Dildo; Eliot Weinberger writes about the Araki Yasusada hoax, sex objects and the cult of Om; and Javant Biarujia expounds the riches of Taneraic, his very own language.

Mabel Lee introduces the work of the expatriate Chinese novelist and playwright Gao Xingjian, and translates an excerpt from his epic novel Soul Mountain; and Alberto Manguel, author of The History of Reading, discusses death and Robert Dessaix.

There is new poetry by Miroslav Holub, Rosemary Dobson, Dorothy Hewett, Dimitris Tsaloumas, Ken Bolton, Barry Hill, Lauren Williams and Joanne Burns; John Forbes celebrates furniture removals, Fletcher Jones’ trousers and six-stitchers; and in a compelling interview, poets Robert Adamson and Kevin Hart discuss poetry, pastry, algebra and death.

In prose, Antigone Kefala’s Journal gives a superb evocation of a year overcast by the influence of death, while Chris Wallace-Crabbe offers the journal of a day overflowing with incident, and Anna Couani progresses to chapter 3 of her serial novel The Western Horizon.


Joanne Burns – Visitations
David Foster – Castration
J.S. Harry – The Earl of Rochester Rides Again
Javant Biarujia – A+B=ESSENCE
Nicolette Stasko – Two Poems
Miroslav Holub – Three Poems
Rosemary Dobson – The Artist, Lecturing
Barry Hill Smith
Eliot Weinberger Three Essays
John Forbes – Three Poems
Dorothy Hewett – The Fox
Georgina Smith – The Hunt
John Kinsella – Wild Radishes
Robert Adamson & Kevin Hart – Two Poems and a Conversation
Martin R. Johnson – Poem
Geoff Page – The Paris End of ’62
Louis Armand – Exodus
Lauren Williams – Encantación
Antigone Kefala – Journal
Chris Wallace-Crabbe – Snips of a Day
Martin Langford – The Suicide
Jennifer Compton – Brick and Blood
Ken Bolton – A Picture
Mabel Lee – Gao Xingjian’s Soul Mountain
Gao Xingjian – From Soul Mountain
Dimitris Tsaloumas – The Quest
Anna Couani – The Western Horizon (chapter 3)
Alberto Manguel – Memento Mori
Poetry Review

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A + B = Essence

Tanerai (pr. ta-né-raï), or Taneraic as I call my language in English, was first written down in August 1968, when I had just turned thirteen. In my case, writing did indeed precede speech.
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