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HEAT Series 3 Number 11

96 pages
21 x 14.8 cm
Published October 2023
ISBN 9781922725103
ISSN 1326-1460
Epub 9781922725943
Epdf 9781922725950


Alexandra Christie


Jenny Grigg

HEAT Series 3 Number 11

More than other genres, biography defies methodology. So how do we read it? asks Evelyn Juers in a bravura essay that opens HEAT Series 3 Number 11. Her resolution – to interpret, digress, to walk on some biographical byways – leads first to Virginia Woolf, and on to Albert Einstein and his significant connection to a scientific expedition at Wallal in Western Australia in 1922. In a striking work of fiction, Sara Mesa (translated from the Spanish by Katie Whittemore), takes us into the mind of a young translator, alone in an oppressive small town, as she attempts to make sense of her surroundings. And poets Mona Kareem (translated from the Arabic by Sara Elkamel) and Suneeta Peres da Costa complete the issue with minimalist sequences that traverse beauty, pain, displacement, totems and food.


Evelyn Juers  Totality in Wallal. Woolf in Yorkshire. Einstein in Scharbeutz.  prose
Suneeta Peres da Costa  Three Poems  poetry
Sara Mesa  Un Amor  fiction
Mona Kareem  Three Poems  poetry

Frontispiece by Ruark Lewis

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HEAT Series 3 Number 11
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