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HEAT 23. Two to Go

224 pages
Paperback, 22.3 x 17 cm
Published 2010
ISBN 9781920882648
ISSN 1326-1460


Ivor Indyk


Harry Williamson

HEAT 23. Two to Go

In the second last issue of HEAT in its present form, Justin Clemens opens with a passionate analysis of torture and its relation to the freedom of speech. Peter Doyle discusses counterfeiters, shapeshifters and the verticality of Sydney, discovering a bashful criminality in the city’s police archives. Cassi Plate presents the correspondence between her father, the artist and gallery- owner Carl Plate, and the ill-fated Greek poet Costas Tachtsis, imprisoned in Sydney for prostitution. Prue Gibson examines the trend towards taxidermy or ‘dead animal revivalism’ in contemporary Australian art; Dmetri Kakmi enters the great burqa debate; Vanessa Berry offers three graveyard tales in the genre of dark tourism.

Michael Atherton writes on luthier Harry Vatiliotis, Mark Treddinick on poet Judith Beveridge. Felicity Castagna channels a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in Macau. Steven Amsterdam’s heroine develops superpowers in the bosom of a suburban family. The extended family in Michael Mohammed Ahmad’s story does battle on a street in Punchbowl.

There are new poems from Robert Adamson, Anthony Lawrence, Joanna Featherstone, Berndt Sellheim, Sarah Holland-Batt, George Toseski, Esther Ottoway, Tim Wright, Craig Billingham, Eileen Chong, Adrian Wiggins. Featured artist Mary Leunig draws the decline and death of parents…



Justin Clemens – You Have the Right to Remain Silent
Peter Doyle – Bashful City: Sydney’s Covert Criminality
Vanessa Berry – Dark Tourism
Dmetri Kakmi – Salam Cafe and the Great Burqa Debate
Cassi Plate – Correspondences
Michael Atherton – Harry Vatiliotis: Luthier
Prue Gibson – Under the Skin
Mark Treddinick – Judith Beveridge’s Cool Web of Poetry


Steven Amsterdam – I See You
Michael Mohammed Ahmad – The Hat Dance
Felicity Castagna – Falling in Macau


Mary Leunig – Dead Parents


Robert Adamson, Craig Billingham, Sarah Holland-Batt, Stephen Edgar, Adrian Wiggins, Fiona Wright, George Toseski, Anthony Lawrence, Tim Wright, Berndt Sellheim, Eileen Chong, Esther Ottaway, Johanna Featherstone