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Paperback, 22.3 x 14.3 cm
Published 1996
ISSN 1326-1460


Ivor Indyk

Cover design

Harry Williamson

Text design

Toni Hope-Catten


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HEAT is a controlled intensity. Noise is our enemy, and rubbish, and imposture. We stand for a simple integrity. And for writing which is committed, passionate, innovative and adventurous.Editorial

HEAT 1 was launched in August 1996. It features a wide range of important Australian writing, from the experimental work of Chris Mann and Ania Walwicz to that of younger writers like Mandy Sayer and Bernard Cohen, both recent winners of the Vogel Award. David Malouf expands on the classical figure of Epimetheus, John Hughes presents the first of his autobiographical pieces “An Essay of Forgetting”, Brian Castro writes of the perils of translation, Ivor Indyk reveals the Jewish Kenneth Slessor, and Kris Hemensley reflects on the poetry scene. There is new poetry by Fay Zwicky, Robert Gray, Ken Bolton, John Kinsella, Gig Ryan, Peter Skrzynecki, Antigone Kefala, Nicholas Jose, Adam Aitken, Nihat Ziyalan (in translation from Turkish) and more!


Gig Ryan – The Hands That Burned
Ivor Indyk – Atavism
Fay Zwicky – The Gatekeeper’s Wife
David Malouf – Epimetheus, Or The Spirit Of Reflection
Nicholas Jose Moonflowers
Ania Walwicz – The Sense Of Place
Ken Bolton – Home Town
John Kinsella – Tremors: A Report
Robert Gray – Sapientia Lacrimae
Mandy Sayer – From Dreamtime Alice
Brian Castro – Masked Balls
Nora Krouk – Translations From The Russian
Nihat Ziyalan – Three Poems Translated By Gün Gencer
Adam Aitken – The Two Mothers
Chris Mann – “I Don’t Hate America. I Regret It.” S. Freud
Newton Armstrong – Two By Four Tangents To A Text By Chris Mann
Bernard Cohen – Modernismo
Joseph Zaresky – Two Poems
Peter Skrzynecki – From Elegies For My Father
Antigone Kefala – Two Poems
John Hughes – An Essay Of Forgetting
Peter Boyle – Two Poems
Kris Hemensley – Between Text And Life
Poetry Review

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The literary world prefers its daytime rose, / sweet and thorny, seasonal, blown. / You open only at night, on the ledge, / stepping from your continent’s shelf / like Houdini on a tightrope, flesh tensed, / gazing in all directions at once / like Titian’s triple portrait beasts, / or your own words, pointing and warning.
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Epimetheus, or The Spirit of Reflection

We have all heard of Prometheus, great rebel against the gods and bringer to earth of a commodity, fire, which we have depended on from earliest times for much of what makes us human: campfires, cooked meat, the forging of iron into ploughshares, horseshoes, swords. What is not so well known is that Prometheus had a brother, also a titan and demi-god, but as his name suggests quite opposite in nature and habit of thought.
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