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Maryam Azam

Maryam Azam is an Australian-born Muslim millennial who lives and works in Western Sydney. She graduated with Honours in Creative Writing from Western Sydney University and holds a diploma in the Islamic Sciences. She is a recipient of the WestWords Emerging Writers’ Fellowship and has performed her work at the Sydney Writers’ Festival and the Emerging Writers Festival. Her debut poetry collection, The Hijab Files, was shortlisted for the Mary Gilmore Award (2019).


The Hijab Files

Maryam Azam

80 pages
Paperback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Published May 2018
ISBN 9781925336658

Maryam Azam’s debut collection takes the significance of the hijab as its focus of attention. Though shamed and angered by the prejudice towards Muslims the scarf arouses, Azam is also aware of its sensuality and allure, and the power and protection it offers. Azam’s style is simple and direct, and informed with humour: it frames as it reveals, asserting the dignity of ritual and observance in everyday life.