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Ellen Jones

Ellen Jones is a researcher, editor, and translator from Spanish, currently based in Mexico City. She has a BA and an MSt from the University of Oxford, and a PhD from Queen Mary University of London. She writes about multilingualism and contemporary Latin American literature, including for publications like The Guardian, the Times Literary Supplement and the Irish Times. Her translation of Rodrigo Fuentes’s short story collection Trout, Belly Up is published by Charco Press and was shortlisted for the Translators Association First Translation Prize 2019.



Bruno Lloret

144 pages
Paperback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Published March 2020
ISBN 9781925818246

Set in the near future in a port town on the edge of the desert, Nancy is told from the point of view of a middle-aged woman dying of cancer. In the trance of her final sickness, she tells the story of her childhood, adolescence and youth, postcards in which desire, misery and violence intersect against the oppressive backdrop of religion. ‘This world is a desert of crosses,’ her father tells her. And in this experimental novel, crosses are all-important, making up the very visual fabric of the book. The book is full of X symbols: multiplication signs, scars, marks on a treasure map – and signs of erasure, the crossing out of reality, like the cancer that threatens Nancy’s life and memories. In his tragic and electrifying first novel, Chilean author Bruno Lloret excavates the wounds left by the minefield of life in utterly original visual style. Nancy is a condensed epic that is destined to become a classic of Latin American literature.