Titles forthcoming from Giramondo Publishing.

The following title are slated for publication by Giramondo in 2017 and early 2018


Ali Alizadeh, The Last Days of Jeanne d’Arc (novel)
Gerald Murnane, Border Districts (work of fiction)
Mariana Dimópulos, All my Goodbyes, trans Alice Whitmore (novella)
Marcelo Cohen, Balada, trans Christopher Andrews (novella)
Mohammed Ahmad, The Lebs (novella)

Essays and Memoir

Alexis Wright, Tracker Tilmouth (memoir)
Vanessa Berry, Mirror Sydney (essays)
Lynda Ng, Indigenous Transnationalism (critical essays on Carpentaria)


Lionel Fogarty, Harvest Lingo
Oscar Schwartz, The Honeymoon Stage
Alan Wearne, These Things are Real
Michael Farrell, I Love Poetry
J.S. Harry, New and Selected Poems
Bonny Cassidy, Chatelaine
Lachlan Brown, The Surface of your Lunar Inheritance
Kate Middleton, Passage
Corey Wakeling, The Alarming Conservatory