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Julie Rose

Julie Rose is a freelance translator whose translations range from Paul Virilio and Jacques Ranciere to Racine and Alexandre Dumas. Her most recent translations include Andre Gorz’s Letter to D., and Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. She is a winner of the PEN medallion and lives in Sydney.


Stepping Out

Catherine Rey

240 pages
Paperback, 21 x 15 cm
Published October 2008
ISBN 9781920882389

The new novel by French-Australian author Catherine Rey opens in provincial France in the 1970s, with the eighteen-year-old protagonist, dressed in borrowed platform shoes and a cape, her possessions in a plastic bag, abandoning her home and schooling, to move in with her lover Marco.

Two passions fuel her rebellion: rage at the cruelties of family life, particularly those inflicted by and on her mother; and a deep commitment to the act of writing, in the face of all obstacles and indifference.

Stepping Out is a portrait of the artist as a young woman, written with Rey’s characteristic combination of indignation, frankness and humour, as much a dramatisation of the conflicts that have shaped her as a writer, as a testament for the generation that follows.