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Alena Lodkina

Alena Lodkina is a Russian-born Australian filmmaker. She directed and co-wrote her first feature film Strange Colours (2017), which debuted at Venice Film Festival. Petrol (2022), her second feature film as writer and director, premiered at Locarno Film Festival and later screened at the 52nd edition of New Directors/New Films presented by the Museum of Modern Art and Film at Lincoln Centre in New York. She has made fiction and documentary short films, and has written about film. These two stories, first drafted in 2015, explore themes that were later developed in Petrol.


Two Stories

HEAT Series 3 Number 9

I spent a few years working in cafés after graduating from art school. I didn’t see what else I could do. The work kept me moving, I was fed, had nice coffees and beers and wines, and most of all I enjoyed the many faces constantly passing in front of my eyes.

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