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Special offers for the holidays

We are pleased to offer a special discount for three of our illustrated books, Womerah Lane by Tom Carment, Mirror Sydney by Vanessa Berry and A Novel Idea by Fiona McGregor, and Π.O.’s epic, prize-winning book of poetry Heide. All of these offers come with a discount of $10 off the retail price of each book. The discount has already been applied, simply add the books to your cart.

And in case you missed our two poetry and translation book bundles, we are pleased to offer these again, as well as the Beverley Farmer bundle.

Postage is free for orders within Australia. Be sure to get in soon – Australia Post is warning of delays in the lead-up to Christmas!


Beverley Farmer bundle

The Beverley Farmer package includes three titles: her celebrated collection of essays, The Bone House; her last work of fiction, This Water: Five Tales; and Giramondo’s new edition of the classic A Body of Water: A Year’s Notebook. Normally valued at $85, this bundle is offered at $65.


Poetry bundle

The poetry package includes three collections: Towards the End by Ali Alizadeh, Homer Street by Laurie Duggan and Family Trees by Michael Farrell. Normally valued at $72, this poetry bundle is offered at $48.


Translation bundle

The translation package includes three novellas translated from Spanish, two of which – from Argentina and Chile – are in our Southern Latitudes series, and the third by a novelist from the Spanish island of Mallorca. They are Imminence by Mariana Dimópulos, Nancy by Bruno Lloret, and Napoleon’s Beekeeper by José Luis de Juan. Normally valued at $75, this translation bundle is offered at $50.