Young Rain



”Young Rain’ has an ease and lucidity that makes it seem almost casual, so that it is with surprise that you are drawn into a conversation of the utmost gravity concerning the private reaches of the self, as in the sequences ‘Night Music’ and ‘Dark Retreat’. Yet there is nothing oppressive about it, and the limpid rigor of the intellect it embodies is leavened by the tenderness and sensuality of a third sequence, ‘Amo te Solo’, which possesses a lustiness that would be at home in the Bible, but has almost disappeared from contemporary poetry.’John Koethe


Print ISBN : 978-1-920882-45-7
pp : 96
November 2008

Born in the UK, Kevin Hart grew up in London and Brisbane, and now lives in the USA. He is the author of nine collections of poetry, including Flame Tree: Selected Poems (2002). He has won both the Victorian and NSW Premiers’ Awards for Poetry, and the Christopher Brennan Award for a sustained contribution to Australian poetry. His published works include studies of Jacques Derrida, A.D. Hope, Samuel Johnson and Maurice Blanchot, and a translation of the poems of Giuseppe Ungaretti.


This film of Kevin Hart reading eight poems was made in October 2007 during the Poetry & Philosophy Conference at Warwick University (‘Poets Reading Philosophy, Philosophers Reading Poetry’) which brought together poets and philosophers from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. After reading three poems, ‘The Room’, ‘Dark Angel’ and ‘Brisbane’, from FLAME TREE: SELECTED POEMS (Bloodaxe Books, 2002), he reads five new poems, ‘My Name’, ‘That Life’, ‘Yes, ‘Prayer’ and ‘The Great Truths’, from his new collection YOUNG RAIN.