Wolf Notes

Judith Beveridge



Wolf Notes has been seven years in the writing, and follows Judith Beveridge's two earlier award-winning collections, The Domesticity of Giraffes and Accidental Grace.

Beveridge's poetry is remarkable for its attentiveness to the humble rituals of life. It discovers richness and grace in the smallest, the poorest, the most awkward or most transient of beings.

There is a Buddhist underpinning to this awareness of latent power, recognised in the collection's central sequence of poems, which depicts Siddhattha Gotama's wandering through the forests and towns of Northern India before he became the Buddha.


Print ISBN : 1-920882-00-6
pp : 128pp
Published : December 2003


About the Author

Judith Beveridge is one of Australia most acclaimed poets, taught in high schools and universities, winner of the NSW and Victorian Premiers’ Awards, a highly regarded critic, editor and teacher of poetry. She has published six collections of poetry which have won major prizes. She is a recipient of the Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal and the Christopher Brennan Award for lifetime achievement in poetry. She was poetry editor for Meanjin from 2005 to 2015, and co-editor of the anthology Contemporary Australian Poetry (Puncher & Wattmann, 2016). She teaches in the postgraduate writing program at the University of Sydney.


The Age


Poems from this sequence were awarded the 2003 Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize.
Winner 2004 Judith Wright Calanthe Award
Winner 2004 C.J. Dennis Award for Poetry