Summer Visit

Antigone Kefala



Summer Visit is a collection of three novellas by the distinguished Australian poet Antigone Kefala.

‘Intimacy’, charts the breakdown of a marriage. ‘Conversations with Mother’ is a portrait of grief. Between these stories of crisis, ‘Summer Visit’ speaks of memory and the past as a living force.

All exhibit the remarkable combination of clarity, intensity and spareness, for which Kefala is renowned.


Print ISBN : 0-9578311-5-3
pp : 120pp
Published : March 2003


About the Author

Antigone Kefala
Antigone Kefala has written four works of fiction, including The First Journey, The Islandand Summer Visit, and four poetry collections, The Alien, Thirsty Weather, European Notebook and Absence: New and Selected Poems as well as the non-fiction work Sydney Journals. Born in Romania of Greek parents, she lived in Greece and New Zealand before coming to Australia.