Special Offer: Translations


This package includes three novellas translated from Spanish, two of which are in our Southern Latitudes series – from Argentina and Chile – and the third by a novelist from the Spanish island of Mallorca. They are Imminence by Mariana Dimópulos, Nancy by Bruno Lloret, and Napoleon’s Beekeeper by José Luis de Juan. The translators are Alice Whitmore, Ellen Jones and Elizabeth Bryer.

Normally valued at $75, this translation bundle is offered at $50 (postage is free within Australia).

Napoleon’s Beekeeper

José Luis de Juan
Translated by Elizabeth Bryer

In Napoleon’s Beekeeper, José Luis de Juan meticulously interweaves historical sources with an imagining of the lives of two very different men, one a humble apiarist on an island, the other – also born on an island – who aspires to be the ruler of the world. In an atmosphere of shifting identities, magical dreams, furtive plots and deferred uprisings, in favour of Napoleon and against him, each man is convinced that the behaviour of bees holds the key to how the future will unfold.



Bruno Lloret
Translated by Ellen Jones

In a small city in northern Chile, between the Pacific Ocean and the Atacama Desert, a dying woman relives her childhood and adolescence in vivid detail. In the trance induced by her illness, she recalls the breakup of her family, scenes of sexual discovery, violence and poverty played out in a degraded landscape, against the oppressive and ecstatic backdrop of religious belief. Nancy conveys, with great economy and dramatic typography, the energy, brutality and resilience of a life lived at the frontiers of existence.



Mariana Dimópulos
Translated by Alice Whitmore

A new mother holds her month-old son for the first time, but her body betrays her with an absence of feeling. Imminence shifts seamlessly between the present and the past. In a dreamlike space composed of overlapping vignettes, Irina retraces the mirrored paths of a life filled with images that swell and recede – recalling the intimacies and anxieties she has shared with her female friends, and with her male lovers.